Teenagers and preteens

As my teenager stormed off to her bedroom I had a choice to make.  1. I could chalk it up to “normal” teenager behavior, or 2. I could compose myself and follow her.  Well I personally don’t enjoy the “normal” teenager attitude so I followed her to her bedroom, took a seat on her bed and asked her what she was feeling, the reply I got was “I don’t know”.  Well that is not an answer to me so I told her I would sit with her until she could tell me what she was feeling; mad, sad, angry, hurt.  I know this takes work as a parent, the thing is if we as parents can help our children express their feelings; we open up communication in the small things and that makes it easier for them to talk about the big things with us.  I use this system with each one of my kids, letting them know their feelings are real and o.k. to feel and talk about.  I believe if we connect emotionally with our kids we will have stronger relationships with them.


One thought on “Teenagers and preteens

  1. This works. When I would do this, (many a times) and you came after me, it showed be you cared…and everything was easier to talk about with you. Now, you are one of my best friends, and I am so happy that you can help other mothers and daughters with your wisdom!


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