Special Time With Kids

      Let me start by saying I don’t go many places without my kids, especially in the evenings.  So when I do go out; the next day my kids are extra clingy.So the nights I am not home to tuck them into bed I remind them tomorrow night is ours.Then the following night I make sure to set aside at least 1 hour for extra cuddle time, book reading or just talking.  I have found this to be helpful for my hubby or older daughters who tuck the little ones in on the night I am away.  It also helps with the frustration my kids have with me that I was not there.


One thought on “Special Time With Kids

  1. This is awesome! I thought I was the only mom on earth who cared about being there for bedtime! I like the setting aside time the next night to show them they are special and you missed your time with them.


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