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We have moved!

Hey everyone! We have moved to a new location! Please click the link below or just click on the picture above to join us ūüôā ¬†We appreciate you all ¬† ‚̧

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We moved to our own website to give us more freedom and flexibility, and want you to join us there! Please click on the link and follow our NEW and improved blog.  Have a fabulous day!!!



I have very strict rules about how we treat one another in our home.  Our home needs to be a safe and loving environment.  In my book  words should make hearts happy and hands should be for caring and loving each other.  One of my favorite ways to approach physical violence is by making the 2 children hug each other until they are ready to apologize and treat each other well.  We always say sorry and give forgiveness in our home.  Mistakes are for learning.

So excited!

I am so very excited to have a place to put out my thoughts on God, family, and children.  I hope what I say can be a blessing to someone.